Sweating can be embarrassing. And if you suffer from excessive sweating, it seems to happen at the worst times. Just as you start thinking, “I hope I don’t start sweating!”, it’s like a mechanism in your body switches on and you start sweating
for no reason.

So how do you know if you’re dealing with a medical condition or just suffering from a typical Dallas summer? Texas heat is no joke!

Is My Sweating Normal?

If you’re sweating in cool environments, you may be battling hyperhidrosis. This can make you sweat indoors, in the office, in a meeting — and it makes you sweat profusely if you’re nervous. If you’re wondering, “Why do I sweat for no reason?”,
then ask yourself, “Would anyone else be sweating right now?” If the answer is no, hyperhidrosis may be the issue. And if you frequently sweat when it’s not environmentally appropriate to be sweating, that’s a clear indication you have it.

Is Hyperhidrosis Localized? Or Can It Happen Anywhere?

Some people sweat in one area of their body, and others sweat all over. Some people only sweat on their hands and feet but not their face. Others sweat everywhere. It just depends on the person.

Am I Sweating Too Much?

People wonder how much sweating is normal, but there’s no exact answer. Larger people may sweat more because of their weight. That’s not hyperhidrosis — that’s a different issue. Hyperhidrosis affects people regardless of weight and physical activity.
This type of sweating starts even when you’re physically inactive in cool conditions.

Is Hyperhidrosis Dangerous?

Excessive sweating isn’t dangerous, but it is embarrassing. You’ll likely have wet clothes (like sweat circles under the arms) and clammy hands. And sometimes, a rash forms if you use your hands while they’re wet.

When Should I See a Dermatologist?

When you’re embarrassed by your sweating and tired of dealing with it, visit your dermatologist.

Hyperhidrosis is not a condition you have to live with. If you want to
stop your excessive sweating, there are great medicines we can use to cure it.

4 Things a Dermatologist Can Do to Stop You From Sweating

When you visit your dermatologist, they’ll recommend a treatment based on your specific needs and concerns. Here’s how we manage sweating.

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1. Prescription Deodorant

This deodorant is made of aluminum chloride. It’s the same active ingredient in regular deodorant at a higher concentration. It comes in a solution form and needs to be worked into the skin to be effective. So make sure you apply it to dry skin in a circular
motion. Then the aluminum chloride clogs sweat ducts and prevents sweat from leaving the glands.

2. Medication Pill

A pill formally used as an anti-indigestion medication causes you to dry up. It makes your mouth a little drier and stops sweat for a period of time. You can take it before a certain activity when you don’t want to sweat, or you can take it each morning
and again at lunch if you find it wears off.

3. Botox

Botox is useful for more than just eliminating wrinkles. A single treatment will give you long-lasting periods without sweating. It’s extremely effective
but a bit expensive.

4. Ultherapy

This radio frequency device lets us treat under the arms to eliminate sweat glands. Ultherapy treatment provides a permanent solution to the excessive sweating

Instead of just wondering, “Why do I sweat so much?”, do something about it. You have options to treat hyperhidrosis. With the advice of your
dermatologist, you can find a treatment that keeps you dry when you need it most.