If there’s one thing last year’s winter taught us – or reminded us – it’s that Dallas weather is completely unpredictable. According to the National Weather Service, we had more freezes than any other winter in the last 30 years.

The winter months are particularly hard on the skin, and not just because of the cold, dry air. Many homes and offices use forced air, which drops humidity levels.

Because we tend to wash off what little oil our body produces, and we’re not doing anything proactive to replace that oil, we often develop dry rashes. This form of skin irritation may start small, but it can quickly turn into an itching, burning, stinging mess.

Avoid the pitfalls of cold weather skin by using some of the best skin care products for winter.

Moisturizer Basics

First, you shouldn’t be paying a fortune for moisturizer if the goal is to simply prevent dryness.

The purpose of moisturizer is to lubricate and coat the skin so the water in the skin stays there. We get that itchy, burning, stinging feeling when water is removed from the skin.

When you apply moisturizer with a little bit of Vaseline and water, it acts as a seal and protects the skin from dryness.

Of course, that seal is washed away each time you shower, so you need to reapply on a daily basis.

CeraVe is an over-the-counter moisturizer that we like because it’s a bit heavier than the average moisturizer. CeraVe uses ceramide, a chemical that’s found naturally in the skin but is often lacking in people who have dry skin.

Protecting Your Skin During the Winter

Some people invest in humidifiers to offset dry winter air. They can provide some benefits but they can also run up your energy bills.

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Common sense is the best way to prevent a lot of problems in life, and dry skin is no exception. If you don’t want to get wet, don’t go outside in the rain. And if you don’t want your skin to become dry, keep it moisturized.

Use moisturizer on a daily basis, don’t wash too often, and avoid harsh soaps that remove the oils from your skin.