Wrinkles may be a sign of wisdom, but who wants them to be their badge of intelligence?

Apparently, not many. In the US alone, people spend over $2 billion a year trying creams and serums to erase these lines. At the first glimpse of a new crease, we search for something to slather on, hoping it makes the line go away. There’s a war against time and we feel we’re losing as soon as a wrinkle appears.

The fact remains: lines don’t disappear quickly. But, what if you could keep them from ever showing up? Preventing wrinkles may be easier than you think. Here are a few common wrinkle-forming habits you may not realize are working against you.

1. Sleeping On Your Stomach or Side

Humans are habitual sleepers. We usually find one position we like and sleep that way night after night. If that position happens to be on your side or stomach, you’re creasing the skin on your face for hours on end.

Think of wrinkles in your skin like wrinkles in your clothes. If you fold a shirt and then apply pressure to it, the wrinkles set. The same is true with your skin – especially thin skin on your face. If you crease your skin by laying a particular way then apply the pressure of your body weight, you press the wrinkle into your skin. In fact, I can look at someone’s face and most often tell which side they sleep on based simply on how their facial lines appear.

So what could you do to keep this from happening? Try sleeping on your back. Just this simple change may stop those lines from ever creeping in.

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2. Losing Weight

Most of us don’t mind losing a few pounds, but rapid weight loss results in deflated skin. When you have more fat cells, your skin is pumped up and full. When those fat cells disappear, your skin can appear gaunt and thin.

Instead of aiming to be as thin as possible, maintain a healthy weight. In doing so, you’ll prevent your skin from sinking in and keep those wrinkles at bay.

3. Smoking

Smoking creates wrinkles for several reasons. First, the simple act of puckering repeatedly creates straw-shaped lines around your mouth. Additionally, the chemicals and smoke age the skin significantly.

The nicotine narrows your blood vessels which reduces blood flow through the body. With decreased blood flow, you deprive your skin of the amount of oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay young and healthy. Many of the other chemicals in tobacco smoke damage collagen and elastin. These fibers strengthen your skin and allow it stretch. Without them, your skin sags much sooner.

Any one of these factors generates wrinkles, but combined? They wreak havoc on skin of any age – producing lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin prematurely.

4. Skipping the Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the obvious way to protect your skin from sun damage and skin cancer, but it also works to prevent wrinkles. Over time, the sun damages the fibroblast, the cells that make collagen. Lower collagen production leads to thinner skin. Consequently, more blood vessels and glands show through the skin.  

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Some people also experience a “red neck” where they have been over-exposed to the sun on the side of their necks. They are now left with a skin that is permanently red in color. Sun damage to this extent has withered the skin to the point where it is fragile and transparent. Apply sunscreen to your face and neck daily to prevent this from becoming an issue with your own skin.

Time is not your skin’s friend. In our war against aging, try preventative tactics. By changing these habits, you may have one less battle to fight.

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