Aren’t you glad we’re out of picture season? Around the holidays, there’s a snapshot at every turn. And if you’re one of the 68% of people worried about a double chin, these pictures take work!

To hide your chins, you contort yourself below the camera and protrude your neck just right (making you feel more like a short giraffe than a top model). Or you forget to pose, only to regret your indiscretion the moment the picture pops up on social media.

Good news! The terror of the multiplying chin is over. Thanks to a new procedure, your face can look slimmer than it has in years.

Why Do You Have A Double Chin?

A double chin isn’t your fault, it’s just how we’re made – but some people are more inclined to a double chin than others. So what causes it? Underneath the chin, between the chin bone and the Adam’s apple, lies a little fat pad. For many of us, it gets really full and gives the appearance of multiple chins.

How Do You Get Rid of A Double Chin?

Now, there’s a fantastic way to eliminate the double chin completely. A new FDA-approved procedure called Kybella dissolves the fat pad in just 8-12 weeks. The chin is injected with a deoxycholic acid that destroys fat cells, and your body heals the area naturally.

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Until now, traditional liposuction, including full surgery and anesthesia, has been the only approved means to get rid of this extra fat. Kybella gives us a non-surgical option with equally satisfying results.

What Should You Expect from Kybella?

In two visits to your dermatologist, you’ll receive a series of injections. Although not completely painless, there’s no recovery time and each procedure takes less than 30 minutes. After each visit, you’ll likely experience some soreness or numbness in your chin. Also, minor swelling may occur but should go down in just a few days. The more fat cells destroyed, the more the body works to heal and the more prevalent the side effects.

Who’s Excited about Kybella?

In short, everyone. No one wants chins, plural.

CNN calls Kybella “The Ultimate Selfie Killer,” noting its ability to burst fat cells permanently. The New York Times highlights this injection’s ability to “slim down the double chin without surgery”. Until now, there’s been no safe way to get rid of this excess fat without going under the knife. But it’s a new day.