When we think of skin care, the first images that pop into our heads often involve supermodels and Hollywood divas pitching lotions and creams on TV and in magazine ads: “Hey, if you use Lotion X, you’ll look like your favorite celebrity!”

The accuracy of the claims made in those ads is a topic for another day, but we bring this up because the skin care conversation typically only revolves around women. But it shouldn’t.

The 10 Millionth Way Men are Different from Women

For many women, using skin care products is part of their daily routine, like applying makeup.

Most men don’t like to put creams, lotions or anything else on their face unless it’s absolutely necessary, and they certainly don’t want to do it for any length of time. It’s just not part of the average guy’s routine.

If there’s a skin problem, a man will see a doctor and do what the doctor says to treat the condition. But in many cases, a man will only take this step if encouraged – or forced – by his significant other.

Even if they go to a dermatologist and a facial sunscreen or moisturizer is prescribed, it can be difficult for a man to change his habits and add this to his daily routine. That needs to change.

Three Skin Products We Recommend for Men

Daily Moisturizer. This is especially important during winter months when skin can be dry and itchy. There are plenty of daily moisturizers, like CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, that aren’t sticky, have no fragrance and dry quickly.

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Sunscreen. The type of sunscreen used should depend on the man’s activity and environment. We offer a zinc-based product called EltaMD UV Clear that has a high SPF but with no fragrance, making it ideal for men who are in and out of the office. Obviously, if you spend a lot of time outdoors or in the water, a heavier sunscreen is recommended.

Benzoyl Peroxide. This is highly recommended for men who sweat and work out a lot and notice small bumps or pimples on their back. It’s also helpful for men who get similar bumps after shaving or haircuts. Benzoyl peroxide is a simple wash that can treat and prevent those bumps. Apply to the body, let it dry and sit for a few minutes, and wash it off in the shower. Just use a white towel because it can discolor towels.

What’s Really Unmanly?

A lot of guys don’t take care of their skin because they think it’s unmanly. Maybe we have a different idea about what is or isn’t manly, but we think red bumps and scratching dry skin is far less manly than daily moisturizer.

Would you rather take 10 seconds to apply a moisturizer or lie in bed scratching your itchy skin every five minutes? Skin care is just another part of taking care of yourself, like brushing your teeth. Guys should be comfortable in their own skin, too.