Everyone hates having dry, cracked feet and understandably so – it’s uncomfortable and sometimes unsightly. Fortunately, this is a problem you can fix! With a little intentionality, this thick skin can be a frustration of the past.

What Causes Dry Cracked Feet?

Enjoy going barefoot? Your feet may not. If you often find yourself shoeless, this could be the cause of your problem. In fact, a lot of people grow thick skin on the bottoms of their feet because of their shoes, or lack thereof.

When you skip the footwear, the friction from walking causes your skin to be thicker on the sole of your foot. The body naturally reacts by producing more skin to protect the foot. In essence, your body finds a way to guard the foot since you are not.

Other times, the problem is simply a result of the way your body works. For many, the skin on the heel of the foot thickens on its own without any particular reason for being that way. It is just the way that some people’s skin grows.

The good news: There’s a solution for dry, cracked feet. The bad news: If it’s just the way your skin grows, you can’t change the skin. The skin will continue to grow the way it does. However, by exfoliating or removing all the thick dead skin cells, you eliminate the symptoms. With the use of certain products, both the appearance and comfort of your feet improves.

Treatment Options

Because it’s uncomfortable to walk on hardened heels, many people turn to treatment.

Effective products for dry feet work by enabling you to remove the thick dead skin cells that make feet dry and cracked.

Urea and lactic acid are some of the most common products recommended by dermatologists. Application of these products loosens the skin cells so that the thick skin can be scrubbed off later.

We usually have people keep a bottle of the product beside their bed, put the lotion on their feet at night, and wear socks over it. As they shower in the morning, they can wash the cream off and use a device to remove skin cells. A PedEgg, or similar tool, buffs away the skin through the use of abrasion. When combined with the lotions, this type of device speeds up the process of revitalizing the skin.

How Long Until I See Results?

Your feet may not look better in overnight, but they will look better soon. You should see significant improvement in the condition of your feet in about two weeks. Remember, you’re not changing the skin of your feet. If you have skin that grows fast or if you continue to go barefoot, your body will continue to produce calluses on your feet that become dry and cracked.

The key is continued use. After attaining the results you want, keep up the daily routine. Your feet will thank you!