Have you ever heard that getting a base tan is a safer way get darker skin? It’s a common myth, but far from the truth!

The CDC just released a great infographic showing some of the common myths about tanning and skin cancer. Check out the infographic below and be sure to let us know which fact surprised you most.

skin_infographic_tanning myths

The Truth About Tanning

Your natural skin color is great the way it is! Every time you tan, you increase your risk of melanoma.

Myth: I have to get a tan to look good.
Truth: You should know your skin will pay a price! Fine lines and wrinkles, cataracts, sagging skin, and brown spots.

Myth: Only old people get cancer.
Truth: Young women are getting skin cancer more often. The risk is real! Melanoma—the deadliest kind—is the third most common cancer in people from 15 to 39. You can get melanoma in your eyes.

Myth: Having a good base tan will protect my skin from the sun.
Truth: A tan is a sign of damaged skin.

Myth: Tanning beds are a good way to get vitamin D.
Truth: Tanning beds are risky, and most people get enough vitamin D from food and sunlight during daily activities.

You can get more than a tan from a tanning bed! If the tanning bed isn’t clean, you could pick up a serious skin infection with symptoms like genital warts, skin rashes, skin warts, and flaky discolored patches on your skin.

Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention.