People consider mole removal for a variety of reasons. Maybe their mole hurts or they’re afraid it’s something more serious. Maybe they feel like people stare at it or it’s just in a weird or uncomfortable place.

Any type of mole in any place can grow into a concern. But all moles can be removed. And, depending on the size, place, and reason for removal, it may cost less than you think.

When Should You Have A Mole Removed?

Medically, there’s a concern about some moles being cancerous. Other moles are clearly benign (not cancerous) but cause irritation. Maybe you scratched it or nicked it while combing your hair and now it’s bleeding, irritated, uncomfortable, swollen, and even infected. What was just a regular mole has become a medical issue.

However, some people also want moles removed for cosmetic reasons. Moles can be disfiguring — especially on the face. If they’re on your cheek, they distort your profile. Plus, they’re distracting (to you and others). Sometimes others stare at your mole instead of looking in your eyes during a conversation. Or maybe you see it out of the corner of your eye. If it starts to block your vision, it becomes a medical concern.

Most commonly, people want the moles from their face removed, but moles in other areas can be a problem too. Moles on the back can grow to a size where they make bumps under clothing. Genital moles may raise questions from a partner or interfere with hygiene.

What’s the Cost of Mole Removal?

To calculate your costs, you have to figure out what kind of mole removal you need: medical or cosmetic?


If we have a medical reason for removing the mole, insurance usually covers it. The cost of mole removal with insurance varies based on your plan and whether you’ve met your deductible. If you haven’t met your deductible, it’ll count as a procedure that goes towards it. If you’ve met your deductible already, it’ll be covered as specified by your plan.

Have questions about how your insurance costs work? Learn more: Your Top Insurance FAQ’s Answered


The cost of mole removal for cosmetic reasons depends on the complexity of the mole and how difficult it is to remove. Contact an Epiphany provider near you for the most accurate pricing.

Are Moles Dangerous?

If people start telling you to have a mole checked out, that’s a sign to visit your dermatologist ASAP. Also, if you notice a mole change, it could be dangerous. Maybe it’s changed color, shape, size, or it’s new.

Either way, don’t try to figure it out yourself. See an expert.

Does the Method of Mole Removal Affect Costs?

Yes. Typically, we shave the mole flat. However, if you want or need it surgically removed, it costs more than our standard mole removal.

Can I Remove a Mole at Home?

If you’re concerned about a mole, see an expert. Moles are too often linked to cancer to chance it. If we see there’s a problem, we’ll be able to remove it and check for any other issues immediately.

Remember, a benign mole isn’t a problem — unless it becomes scratched and infected, which is highly likely if you try something yourself. So skip the DIY mole removal attempt and make an appointment with a dermatologist.

Removing a mole is an easy procedure for your dermatologist. Plus, with a relatively low price tag for getting moles removed, there’s no need to live with the fear, irritation, or embarrassment a mole can cause.

For more information, visit our Mole Removal services page or contact us to schedule a consultation.