Looking for a worthwhile cause to support but not sure where to start? November offers you a unique opportunity: raise cancer awareness, donate your typical shaving expenses to cancer research, and revitalize your skin all at the same time. Of course, providing your skin with some much needed relief is just bonus, but here’s how it helps.

The Not-So-Clean Shaven Face

A clean shaven face may seem more hygienic than a beard, but two primary problems often accompany shaving. First, hair can grow back at varying angles. If it curves back into the skin, you’ll notice irritations and redness. Secondly, a close shave opens pores for bacteria. When bacteria enters the skin, inflammation results. Either one of these problems leaves you with red skin and razor bumps.

Taking a break from shaving gives your skin time to recover. When you grow the hair out, you avoid opening pores to infection. You also aren’t dealing with the bacteria that thrives on razors. When you keep your pores closed and the bacteria away, your skin has a chance to heal from the previous damage shaving may have caused.

Cutting it Close

Sure you save time and protect your skin when you let the beard grow, but you may decide on a closer cut come December. When you decide to shear the beard, be intentional about razor care and product use.

If you’re getting razor bumps, consider using a Benzoyl Peroxide product. Applying this product after a shave sterilizes the pores and reduces bacteria. You’ll also have less inflammation because of it.

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If bumps keep popping up, consider growing your hair out just a little bit longer. Clippers may serve as a useful tool in trimming your hair without cutting it so close it curves in and irritates your skin.

When you opt for the close cut, follow your shave with a cream product. You’ve just removed a protective layer of skin. Don’t continue to punish your face by then applying an alcohol solution. This only dries it out further. Lotions work but may leave your face feeling wet. A cream replenishes your skin with nutrients and moisture without the watery feeling of the lotion.

As far as a wet, dry, or electric shave – you choose the option you like the best. The benefits or damages to your skin don’t vary much from one method to the next.

Join the No Shave November movement, take the break you need, and give your skin a rest in the process. There’s no good reason not to.

Is your skin feeling irritated or damaged from shaving? Give us a call and let us help you find the best solution for your skin.