Moles literally come in all shapes, sizes, and places. Some can be left alone and others should be removed, either for medical or cosmetic reasons. If a mole needs to be removed, there are several options for getting rid of a mole, ranging from laser mole removal to shaving it down. Whatever the need, a trusted dermatologist will deliver the best results.

Medical Mole Removal

People have moles removed for a variety of medical reasons. Some moles will turn into cancer if left untreated. Your doctor will be able to determine which moles have the potential to become cancer.

Other moles are less dangerous but uncomfortable. They bleed, become inflamed, or rub against clothing. In any of these situations, the moles also need to be treated.

The way your doctor will remove it depends a mole’s location and size. If the mole is on the body, dermatologists surgically cut the mole off and sew the skin back together.  If it’s on the face, your doctor will probably choose a less invasive option.

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Cosmetic Mole Removal

Perhaps you have no medical concerns, but you don’t like the look of your mole. You need a cosmetic solution. We can shave superficial moles flat so they don’t stick up. Although some pigment may still remain, many moles will disappear completely once shaven.

Deeper moles may require a different approach. The best treatment for you depends on the type and placement of your mole. Have a conversation with your dermatologist about the the best approach for the moles that have a bothersome appearance.

Facial Moles

If you need a mole on your face erased, be very selective about your dermatologist. Your doctor has one chance to get the procedure right; a botched job can’t be reversed. A less experienced doctor may leave a scar or indentation in the skin. The face is one area that you don’t want to leave to chance. In our office, we perform cosmetic mole removal daily. We know how to best remove moles from visible locations, leaving your skin as close to normal as possible.

Spend the time and money to get your moles removed by a doctor you have confidence in, especially for moles in visible areas. With an experienced doctor and the right procedure, you may not even be able to tell a mole was ever there!

Check out our Insurance FAQs for more information on what your mole removal costs may be.